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I love Prime because since the time I joined my grammar has advanced from reading and it has helped me in a way that I’m always updated on what’s happening all over the world . Posts on Prime are not limited , I am able to read on which category I choose , like food related , health , politics etc. With prime you can never wrong , it has helped so many people all over Africa just by reading news , now people are able to make money online by reading news , it has kept a lot of people from spending a lot of time in bars drinking because they are now busy on prime making money .


Benefits of protcting endangered animals -slow down when driving to avoid killing animals


Prime is just so legit and fast I’m so happy I got my first payment


I started earning as soon as I joined just by reading articles and commenting. You could too! Join primes international today.


I just want to inform the people that the world has reached it's end so let as prepare ourselves for the second coming of Jesus who's we are not of Santa's but we are of Christ so late as just prepare our hearts to receive Christ and let us always think of Christ when we are seated because the world has reached the end and study the Bible always and don't forget to pray cause prayer Westbury is the only way we used to come and get to Christ amen

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