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Reasons why Africa has remained in an impoverished state

By petersimushi • a week ago • 17 views • 2 comments

The African continent boasts of having abundant natural resources which when used appropriately can benefit the inhabitants and free them from abject poverty. 

However , the existing state of several African countries is proportionately linked to Europeans monopoly and egocentrism to ameliorate their conditions of living at the expense of the African race. 

Suffice to say they looted resources in Africa and took to develop their countries but having the devastating effects their monopoly for individual profit would have on the African soil, they saw it fit to hand over power to indigenous citizens though this was made possible through  uprising and revolutionary movements to halt European oppression. 

Having been exhaustfully vested power and authority by their European predecessors , the first leaders that were entrusted with the responsibility to restore African pride, identity and prosperity did their homework well.  

Moreover, they strived to alleviate suffering from indigenous inhabitants. In  recent years , political instability, terrorism, poor governance and insolvency resulting from financial irregularities orchestrated by government Institutions has ravaged many African countries. 

By and large , indigenous citizens have also been aportioned a share of the "cake" from the predicaments unfolding due to indecisiveness, irresponsibility and complacency 

The factors contributing to a weakened and economically shrunken state by most African can be categorised into two namely governance factors and citizens related  factors. 

Governance factors

- poor leadership skills by various state leaders 

- visionless leaders that ascend to various state positions 

- rampant corrupt practices perpetrated by those holding power and authority 

- lack of proper policies to regulate and monitor state activities 

- mentally enslaved mindsets that render various leaders inefficient and ineffective to provide direction when need arises 

Citizens related factors

- poor decision making when it comes to national matters. 

- complacency when handling contingencies and adversaries 

- ignorance on matters of keen interest to state operations and governance 

- hypocrisy by self proclaimed Christian states where actions are contrary to biblical principles. 

- unproductivity from the able bodied and youthful citizens. 

- dependence on state aid 

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    a week ago

    YEs this the reason why Africa has remained in a improvisherised state, I totally agree and thank you for his information too too

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    Thanks for the information

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