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over pricing kills us zambians

By mweemba1 • a week ago • 27 views • 2 comments

In Business Over Pricing Kills us(Zambians)

Last week I was in Ndola town near shoprite,  I met a vendor(zambian) selling some keyholders quickly I asked how much he was selling 1.

And he replied K45... I didn't answer him I just walked away. 

Sameday got on a bus to kitwe coz my destination was mufulira  passed through chisokone market and found a Tanzanian guy selling same keyholders...I asked how much??? He replied  K9 wholesale price and K13 normal price.

*This was 1 of the reasons why people choose to buy from foreigners.

*We exploit each other in the name of business. 

*Shops owned by foreigners are always flooded with customers bcoz of price. 

CHECK YOUR PRICING of Items in the Shop or Kantemba.

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    a week ago

    Over pricing too much in zambia

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    a week ago

    Yes we are dieing with this over pricing

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