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I Feel Free

By nsonga • 2 weeks ago • 29 views • 2 comments

 So, I freed my locked jaw over the solstice

this weekend.

I've been carrying a lot of stress recently, which

accumulated in a locked jaw. I tried to release it

through stretching, massage, and chiropractic, but

nothing worked.

Then over the weekend, my friends and I journeyed

into the forest. We opened Randonaut (a random

events generator) to define a location point for the

solstice, and hiked in.

During a meditation, over the solstice peak, I set an

intention to release the tension in my body. Then, I

surrendered to the sun, swam in the the river, danced

with my feet on the earth, and sang simply for the

sake of singing.

Suddenly, out of no where, my jaw dropped. The

tension, l'd been carrying for well over a month,

released from my body. I got mobility back that

didn't even know I had lost

Seriously. No one could work that tension out of me.

had to work it out for myself- through nature and the

return to my joy - I found myself at ease

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    2 weeks ago

    You are welcome

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    2 weeks ago

    Thank you very much for sharing the article

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