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How Facebook scammers target people at risk of suicide

By manase • 2 weeks ago • 20 views • 2 comments
How Facebook scammers target people at risk of suicide
A BBC investigation has uncovered dozens of Facebook pages claiming to sell a deadly poison to people who are contemplating suicide. It's the work of scammers - but how do they operate?It's late. I open WhatsApp and see a message from the dealer, claiming he can sell me deadly pills."Minimum order is 100g and it will cost you £150," he says. "We package discreetly and ship from Douala, Cameroon."He wants to know where I am and how much I plan to order. I ask him whether the claims made on his page are to be believed: are his pills really lethal?"It's true, but I hope you really know what you want," he says, "I just sell."He tells me in great detail how I should use his pills and what they will supposedly do to me. He doesn't ask if I've sought help, try to dissuade me or make me think about the consequences my actions might have on my family and friends.For him, this is just another transaction.What he doesn't know is that I have no intention of taking my own life - or even of buying the deadly chemical he claims to be selling.I already know he is a scammer. For weeks, I have been following his every move, mapping his online presence and investigating his shadowy business dealings.Information and supportIf you or someone you know needs support for issues about emotional distress, these organisations may be able to help.If you're in the UK, there are other organisations available to you.'We've been doing this for long'It all started with a video I came across on Facebook, showing someone's hand opening a can containing a plastic bag filled with chunky white pills.

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