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Heat attack:The best diet to follow to avoid the deadly condition-what food's to eat.

By zinimoon • 2 weeks ago • 15 views • 3 comments

Heart attack: The best diet to follow to avoid the deadly condition - what foods to eat.

A HEART ATTACK is a scary thought. And, although it can seem like it could happen out of nowhere, diet is linked to heart health. To avoid the deadly condition, watch what you eat.

A heart attack can be fatal and, even if it's not, it can take months to recover from, and may put you at risk of another one. Be mindful of what you eat to reduce your chances of an attack.

The leading cause of a heart attack is cardiovascular disease, specifically coronary heart disease (CHD).

An unhealthy diet contributes to fatty deposits of cholesterol clogging the arteries.

And, should cholesterol block the arteries supplying blood, nutrients and oxygen, to the heart, it can trigger a heart attack.

What foods to eat

Whole grains

The American Heart Association explains that "whole grain contains the entire grain – the bran, germ and endosperm".

Whole grains are an excellent source of dietary fibre, which can help improve blood cholesterol thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and a heart attack.

Check nutritional labels when in the supermarket to look out for "whole grain" products.

Common whole grain foods include: oatmeal, brown rice, wild rice, whole wheat, graham flour, whole grain corn and whole grain barley.

Fruits and vegetables

A variety of fruit and vegetables is just as important as quantity.

It's best to mix and match colours everyday, ranging from dark, leafy greens to bright red fruits and yellow vegetables.

The organisation attested: "There is compelling evidence that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of heart disease."



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    I will acaoid a heart attack by doing these, I will eat what is right thank you very much

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    Helpful information

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