Health Talk!! Do Groundnuts Cause Pimples?


Health Talk!! Do Groundnuts Cause Pimples?

For years upon years myths and legends have been spun around groundnuts. Pimples prone people advocate that groundnuts should be avoided completely to stop pimples from popping up like Christmas lights.

While it is true that oily foods cause inflammation of the skin and what we know as pimples pop out, there is no research definitely linking specific foods to pimple outbreaks. Surprising, right?

Well, you are not alone in this belief but the fact is that the process that causes pimples is quite complex.

Sometimes, pores become blocked and oil which is meant to be drained to the surface of the skin gets trapped and bacteria begin growing and bam!

You have a pimple on your face. Thus, it is not the groundnut that actually causes a pimple; it is the blocked pore that gets inflamed when natural oil can’t get out.

Some studies have revealed though that overall poor diet can create a hormonal imbalance that triggers all sorts of common skin disease, one of each is the appearance of pimples.

You might stay away from groundnuts and still suffer from terrible zits so instead go for diets that help rejuvenate your skin rather than labeling some foods as bad for the skin.

Do more of fruits and water to stay hydrated and keep your skin fresh and healthy.

It might interest you to know that researchers say that groundnut can reduce dark spots on your face but if you are not comfortable eating them, you could apply the butter on your face instead.

Groundnut is actually nutritious with ample proportions of carbohydrate, protein, fats and no cholesterol. Little groundnut daily can lower the risk of heart disease.

However, just as too much of anything is bad; you should watch how much oil you take but not simply because of the fear of pimples. Let’s stop the marginalization of groundnuts!


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