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Health benefits of potato peel

By acklas • 2 weeks ago • 11 views • 0 comments

Potatoes are one of the most commonly consumed vegetables throughout the world. The global consumption of potatoes as food is shifting from fresh potatoes to value added processed products such as French fries, chips and puree. Peels are the major byproducts of potato processing industries, which represent a waste disposal problem for the industry concerned. However, these waste peels are also promising source of compounds, which may be used because of their valuable technological or nutritional properties. Peel contains about 40-50% dietary fiber and has been considered as a new source of dietary fiber in bread making. In addition to these, peels are rich source of phenolics and fair source of vitamins like riboflavin, ascorbic acid, folic acid and vitamins B6. The phenolic compounds extracted from the potato peel have been shown to prevent lipid oxidation in bulk oils and in muscle model systems. Phenolic compounds from potato peels were shown to bound carcinogens and reported to have anti-carcinogenic properties. In experiment animals potato peel power was shown to have hyperglycemic and cholesterol lowering properties. Furthermore, potato peel powder in the diet also appeared to attenuate the eye lens damage associated with the diabetic condition. This chapter will deal in detail the composition of potato peel, its different health benefits and safety aspects of potato peel glycoalkaloids

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