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Introduces bonus

,Rishi Sunak introduces £1,000 bonus per furloughed employee kept onBusiness will be paid a £1,000 bonus for every fur…

Protests over new lockdown measures

,Protesters and police clashed violently in Belgrade on Tuesday evening amid anger over the return of strict lockdown …

Climate crisis

, CLIMATE CRISIS'Off-the-charts warm': Siberian town hits 100 degreesThe milestone comes as Siberia — and the Asian co…

Top 20 richest African countries

,Here is the list of the richest countries in Africa from the wealthiest to the least .1. NIGERIAGDP of Nigeria is 397…

Evidence shows covid is airborne

,The World Health Organization has acknowledged new evidence that the coronavirus spreads more widely in the air than …

US withdraw from WHO

,The US has formally notified the World Health Organization of its withdrawal, despite widespread criticism and an alm…

Word of the day

,Proverbs 7 vs 1Follow my advice my son always treasure my commandsProverbs 7vs 2Obey my commands and live guard my in…

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