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Distant Relationship Thought

,When You Are In a Distant Relationship,Its Better You Forget About Your Friend, Cause Promises And Lies On Phones ,As…

Love and heart break

,Heartbreak is one of the most painful thing that one passes through.At some point some of us have been heartbroken be…

Knowing your worth.

,Teenagers of nowadays have the idea that having a partner ( boyfriend/girlfriend ) is the thing of the now. What we a…


CIBLE WEDLOCK🔒         🎀   (Village Girl) 🎀        📝Written by Khalee 📝          🔥Episode One🔥          🍅 Tiwalade 🍅  …

Love love love

,According to Plato, "At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." But sometimes it's hard to find the wor…

120 years virgin

,Meet The 120 Year Old Man Who Has Never Slept With A Woman Beforebrowngh.comJul 6, 2020 11:37 AMThe old man has revea…

Marriage and family

,Marriage was divinely established in Eden and affirmed by Jesus to be a lifelong union between a man and a woman in l…

Finding a true life partner

,A lot of women are in search of a life partner and I can't life this is really one of the most difficult task a woman…

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