“Nigerian artists should leave ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ alone and talk about bad governance, killing of innocent lives” – Samklef reacts to Simi’s post


Following the recent social media saga involving singing sensation, Simi, who spoke out against the rampant indulgence of internet fraudsters in the country, Nigerian producer, Samklef has said musicians should channel that energy in speaking out against bad governance in the country.

Samklef reacts

Samklef says, though he doesn’t support fraudsters, they aren’t the only problem in the country and since entertainers want to use their voice to stand against something bad, then they should also voice out against bad governance and killing of innocent lives.

He then goes on to say that these entertainers seek fake attention. The producer wrote,

‘I’m not supporting fruad [sic] but is that the only problem we have. Nigerian artists won’t talk about bad governance, killing of innocent lives. If the system was ok, all these won’t be happening. Fake attention’.

Samklef reacts


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