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Become All You Can Be

By 1kamayoyo • 2 weeks ago • 29 views • 4 comments

There is an even more important reason for you to practice the self-discipline that leads onward and

upward to the great successes that are possible for you. The practice of self-discipline enables you to

change your character , to become a stronger and better person. The exercise of self-discipline has a

powerful effect on your mind and emotions, developing you into a different person from the one that

you would have been without self-discipline.

Imagine yourself in a chemistry lab. You mix a series of chemicals in a Petri dish and put it over a

Bunsen burner. The Bunsen burner heats the chemicals to the point at which they crystallize and

become hardened. But once you have crystallized these chemicals using intense heat, they cannot be

transformed back into liquid form.

In the same way, your personality begins like a liquid: soft, fluid, and formless. But as you apply

the heat of self-discipline, as you exert yourself to do what is hard and necessary rather than what is

fun and easy, your personality crystallizes and hardens at a higher level as well.

The greatest benefit you enjoy from exerting self-discipline in the pursuit of your goals is that you

become a different person. You become stronger and more resolute. You develop greater self-control

and determination. You actually shape and strengthen your personality and transform yourself into a

better person.

The rule is that “to become someone that you have never been before, you must do something that

you have never done before.” This means that to develop a superior character, you must exert everhigher levels of self-discipline and self-mastery on yourself. You must do the things that average

people don’t like to do.

Another success principle is that “to achieve something that you have never achieved before, you

must learn and practice qualities and skills that you have never had before.”

By practicing self-discipline, you become a new person. You become better, stronger, and more

clearly defined. You develop higher levels of self-esteem, self-respect, and personal pride. You

move yourself up the ladder of human evolution and become a person of higher character and resolve

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    2 weeks ago

    Motivating post

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    2 weeks ago

    thanks for sharing

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    2 weeks ago

    Wow great article

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    a week ago

    Thank you

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