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PARS => ₦NAIRA Conversion Rate

Welcome to primes Ad Revenue Sharing PARS => ₦AIRA Conversion Rate

About PARS - primes Ad Revenue Sharing

What Is  PARS => ₦AIRA  Conversion Rate

The ₦AIRA  Conversion Rate is simply the rate by which your primes Ad Revenue Sharing ACTIVITY EARNINGS (PARS) is converted to real cash in ₦AIRA and sent to your BANK Account at the very end of the Month of your ACTIVITY EARNINGS. The rate changes Monthly by the ADMINS depending on our Google Ad Revenue for the Month. This means for instance, the PARS => ₦AIRA is now subjected by the actual amount received by Google Ad Revenue Monthly. This is then decided to use in paying you your PARS => ₦AIRA to your BANK Account.

Primes Ad Revenue Sharing buys your ACTIVITY EARNINGS Monthly In PARS currency which is only floated by primes ACTIVITY EARNINGS in our primes Earning ecosystem. primes would buy your ACTIVITY EARNINGS Monthly and sell to you in NAIRA which is Paid to your Bank.

Where you can spend your PARS => NAIRA

1. You can Cash-Out your (primes Ad Revenue Sharing) PARS => ₦AIRA Conversion to your BANK Every Single Month

2. You can BUY Airtime with your primes Ad Revenue Sharing PARS => ₦AIRA Conversion to your Mobile Phone such as MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, 9MOBILE. Simply click on Buy Airtime from your Account Dashboard.

3. You can Buy primes PREMIUM EPIN of ₦1,000 with your primes Ad Revenue Sharing PARS => ₦AIRA Conversion. The EPIN is generated automatically for you and displayed on your account dashboard.

4. You can share your primes Ad Revenue Sharing PARS to your loved ones. They also can inturn convert their PARS => ₦AIRA to their BANK Account.

How Is The PARS backed up Monthly?

The PARS is backed up Monthly by the amount of Google Ad Revenue paid every single Month. The amount solely depends on the amount monthly which is then applied to the exchange of PARS => ₦AIRA Conversion for primes Earning services. The PARS exchange rate changes every single month and the value increases depending on the strenght of our Google Ad Revenue.

PARS - primes Ad Revenue Sharing -  PARS => ₦AIRA Conversion Rate for this Month MAY

This Month's exchange rate based on Google Ad Revenue for MAY is updated below. Rate Changes Monthly.

Today LARS => ₦NAIRA Conversion Rate

2.2 PARS = ₦1

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